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May 24th May, 2009

A glorious sunny day with a far larger turn out than had been expected saw the inaugural Two Stroke rally get off to a flyer with more than 50 exhibitors.

Represented marques were ;

1.    Auto Union

2.    Barkas

3.    Berkeley

4.    Bond

5.    Comtesse

6.    DKW

7.    Goggomobile

8.    Lloyd

9.    Messerschmitt

10.  SAAB

11.  Trabant

12.  Trojan

13.  Wartburg

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Chairman’s Jottings

I meant to write the article on this immediately but failed to do so.  So May 24th was the day at the Heritage Museum. The first-ever Two-Stroke Rally and the first-ever National event ever organised by the Trojan Owners Club.  It had taken about 6 months to put together and was not that easy to organise.  It brought rare national publicity for the Club and a lot of plaudits for the organisation and for the friendliness of the Club Members.

On the day itself I caught sun-stroke. In fact Phil Potter rang me in the evening and asked me if I was OK. I think he was checking on my mental state ! However it was a good day and some 50 eccentric and assorted vehicles came from all over England. There are some wonderful pictures. Everyone has a certificate thanks to Nigel Welch and a cup was awarded to the long distance entry a guy from northern Cumbria.

Will we do it again ? I don't think we have any choice ! Everyone so much enjoyed it and we saw Trojans we had not seen before. Next year we need more Trojans please and spread the word if you come across some two-strokes particularly commercials.  Thanks for everyone's help. Carl Tantum

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