I was at the VSCC Light Car & Edwardian Section annual bash last weekend. Sadly I wasn't there in my Trojan which had suffered a siezed engine. (I am in the process of rebuilding it.) However I had a good time (John Cooper providing my wheels), busy marshalling on Saturday and Sunday.

I attach two video clips of the ex David Hancock Utility NP6016 on solid tyres. This car is exceptional in its mechanical condition and must be one of the most original cars known to the club. It was the only car of the entry of over 120 vintage light cars to get up this hill in top gear (first video).

However as you will see from the second video he didn't manage to clear the trials hill. Pretty amazing he got as he did on solid tyres.

As you may be aware the car is now owned by "The Automobile" and was being driven by Gerry Michelmore. I suggested he should become a TOC member. He has been one in the past. He told me he thinks solid tyres are great and thinks they might even come back into fashion!!

All the best,