Chairmans Jottings !

Goodwood Revival - 19th September, 2009

Then on Saturday 19th. September, I had purchased a £48 ticket for the Goodwood Revival. Together with a pass to go into the Pre 1966 exempt tax car park. Apparently it gets very busy there so another but not quite so early start. I was in scruff order at 0715 hrs just filling up with fuel when Paul come over from next door really dressed up. So I had to get the grease off myself, put on a bow tie, appropriate headgear and a linen jacket and hope that I did not break down. More faith ! A lovely run past Hollycombe Steam Fair at Liphook and then 6 miles through the lanes to Midhurst. Coming out on the south side of Midhurst and then the slow climb at 12 mph on the short hill out of the town, with some really exotic machinery frantically trying to show off their mettle behind me. I tried to smoke them out meanwhile. Going from Singleton to Goodwood is another long hill and here others going in fast cars were a little more considerate.

By the time I had queued for the car park the radiator was boiling but it was not far and the Apollo ran perfectly. So I popped up my little notice boards including my 'do not touch' sign in Afrikaans and did not worry - as you do - about taking out the ignition key - and went off to enjoy myself meeting up with Paul and friend in the main entrance. I was just bowled over by the sheer size of the displays and the quality of Classic car machinery on show. If you have not been come with me next year. It is a 3 day event and you need to be fit as there is a lot of walking. Everyone dresses up and I was just about OK. The girls looked more than splendid. Do you remember pencil skirts with stockings with seams ?! I have attached one photo the rest I am keeping ! A magnificent RR on the Frank Dale stand costing £225k. circa 1926. Then the new baby Rolls which is so large I thought it was the normal one. A chromium plated Mini and a Wild Snowgoose Classic Mini Van. Everything for everyone. I had to go back to the car for a rest and found it surrounded by admirers, with photo calls etc. Despite some wonderful Lagonda's and Rolls-Royce's just behind me. I was about to leave early as I forecast a long wait to get out of the Car Park when two very well spoken guys came up on vintage bicycles and trilby hats to say the Apollo was in their opinion the best car there. I didn't argue- just beamed ! So a lovely run back and I was home before 1700 hrs with no problems. So you see faith can move Trojans not just mountains.

See you all soon.

Regards Carl